Turbocharge Your Business in the Digital Era

Helping businesses is what we do. The conventional exhibitions are cluttered with distractions on the show floor, which make it difficult to network, build strong relationships and generate measurable results. Hence, we are changing the industry with virtual events that come with strategic expertise, ingenious & creative comprehensive services and innovative technology.

Facts About Global Virtual Event Industry

$1382 M+

Est. Market Share By 2023

$9400 M+

Market Size (2020)

$640 M+

Total Revenue (2020)

Why TrulyExpo Say Hello to Unthinkable Possibilities

Knowledge Base

We bring together the best minds from the industry, which includes thought leaders, decision-makers, experts, etc.

High ROI

Get business & networking opportunities that lead to impressive results.

Real-Time Analytics

Participants in the virtual conference get real-time and multidisciplinary reports for tactical data analysis.

AI powered Matchmaking

Unique matchmaking tool to pre-schedule the meetings and meet the relevant industry players.

Ease of Participation

Get a true virtual experience at the convenience of your home/office along with simple & self-explanatory steps.

Security & Privacy

Complete data security with GDPR compliance and Privacy of participant data with flexible accessibility option.

Focused Industries

Hospitality & Entertainment

Hospitality & Entertainment

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Cyber Security

Cyber Security



Truly Business

Sophisticated tools to generate leads - qualified and fast! You will be attracting prospects that are truly interested in what your business has to offer.

Truly Networking

It's easier to get close to the right networking opportunities. This may be the beginning of several profitable & long-term relationships.


Truly Knowledge

Get insights into new technology and strategies that are shaping the future. This knowledge will be the real catalyst to your business growth.

Truly Service

Support is an integral part of what we are offering. Dedicated technology is used to enhance the overall experience.

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