EdTech Virtual Expos for Building the Knowledge-Economy

The term ‘EdTech’ is a combination of ‘education’ and ‘technology’ - which means the synergy between these two domains to revolutionize the education sector. The advancements in technology hold the potential to streamline the transfer of knowledge and realize the dream of an inclusive world. The current age requires a rethinking of the teaching practices and tap into the opportunities available at different levels.

We organize EdTech virtual conferences to create a collaborative environment where teachers, entrepreneurs, industry experts, schools, institutions, thought leaders, government agencies, investors, professionals and even IT companies. The focus is on creating cutting-edge, flexible and affordable ways for the advancement of the education sector. Some notable examples include 3D immersion, online study material, educational applications, virtual classrooms, the use of artificial intelligence(AI), augmented reality(AR), robotics, etc. These solutions are appropriate for students with distinct interests, learning requirements and aspirations.

The education events also open up plenty of networking opportunities. A series of seminars will address the issues like data collection and tracking, costs, internet connectivity, teachers’ training, reskilling and upskilling of working professionals, etc. In this way, attendees can raise their awareness levels, expand their knowledge, build a sizable network, stay on top of the latest technologies, and do a lot more.